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St. Michael's Academy

Haymarket Campus

6735 Fayette St. Haymarket, VA 20169



Vint Hill Campus

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7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday to Friday

St. Michael's Academy

St. Michael’s Academy Philosophy of Education and Mission Statement

“The end of learning is to know God,

and out of that knowledge to love Him and imitate Him.”

–John Milton, English Poet, Historian and Scholar

St. Michael’s Academy’s vision is to provide an evironment for students to realize their God-given potential and to live lives that glorify God in spiritual, academic, and social realms. We stive toimpact our students, families, and community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by promoting quality Christian education and making it available and accessible to families in our community. We seek to lead students to faith in Jesus Christ and to develop young men and women who have good character and a passion for lifelong learning.

Our Mission

St. Michael’s Academy offers high quality, Non-Denominational Christian preschool and elementary programs in a family-friendly environment. It is our mission is to provide learning experiences that will open children’s minds to the wonders of language, mathematics, science, geography and history and understand the interrelatedness of each. Through the teaching of the Bible, our mission is for each child to understand that he/she is a child of God, is loved by God and has a purpose to fulfill.

Our school believes that every child is a unique gift from God.  This is why we have made a commitment to partner with our families to help educate children in a warm and nurturing environment that will prepare them socially, academically, emotionally, and physically.

Teacher Mission

The mission of each teacher here at St. Michael’s Academy, is to help each child learn and appreciate his/her unique gifts, talents and age-appropriate abilities as he/she explores the world God has made. We believe that the teacher’s role is to nurture the child’s innate love for learning, with the understanding that each child’s pace of growth in the cognitive, physical, emotional, social and spiritual development is not the same.

We base our student development plan on faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the Word of God. We teach reverence for God and all that He made. We believe that it is in the collaboration of the parents, teachers and the child that the fullest development of each student is achieved.


St. Michael’s Academy environment is distinguished by the spirit of humility, which fosters friendliness, openness, understanding, gentleness, harmony and peace.

Our Verse

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

– Proverbs 22:6 RSV

Motto and Mascot

The Motto for St. Michael’s Academy is: “Letting His Light Shine”. The Mascot is the Sparks. This Motto and Mascot convey our two-fold desire to promote in our students the pursuit of academic brilliance and the desire to carry and share the light of Christ.

Young Saints and Scholars

St. Michael’s goal is to encourage sanctity and scholarship. Saints are those who have learned to deeply love God and desire to serve Him. Scholars are those who have been provided a firm foundation to base their upward climb on the ladder of knowledge. However, the pursuit of knowledge must be motivated by a love for God. As John Milton stated, “The end of learning is to know God, and out of that knowledge to love Him and imitate Him.”